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Alright, so I was really bored! (And may I inform you quickly that no animals were harmed during this night-- as many seem to jump to conclusions when story's start out with "Alright, so I was really bored!")

This series of events I'm going to discuss happened no more than half an hour ago, before this journal was written. I was going to go to sleep, but- oh well. It's a Friday, sleep can wait!

So, as there are actually two stories I'm telling to you- I will split them up between the species.


So, I was hanging out with one of my cats (I consider that I have two, although one is just a genus level stray that followed me home and I adopted and eventually named "Thomas". My parents argue that he is not a member of the family... although they still call him Thomas.)

So! I was chillin' with my white (yes, pure white) cat, Cassie. We were laying on my bed: me reading "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (for the third time); she glaring at the world in the classic cat expression of ruling the world.

I suddenly had a great idea- I should get my cat high and see what she does!

So, I dipped into my small supply of catnip (What? Did you think I was going to say something else?), pull out a hefty amount of three pinches, and set it on the floor for my cat to eat- which she promptly set to doing.

For anyone who does not know the joys of what catnip does to cats, it's easy to explain; it's like any kind of drug for humans that can get you high. (Yes, some cats have been known to get addicted to it too, if the owner gives too much, too often.)

Within minutes she stared at me with nearly black eyes, gazing in wonder at my face.

She pounced to my bed (nearly falling off in the act), and proceeded to look at a box set upon my bed as if it held the meaning of life itself.

She eventually decided that the box wasn't safe on my bed and proceeded to pick it up and jump/fall off of my bed with it in her mouth.

She sat on the ground and looked up at me innocently, reminding me very much of a kitten even though she's nine years old, and seemed to be questioning why that had happened.

For the remainder of the time spent in my room, she chased her tail and watched the pages of my book turn.

As I'm writing this, she's sitting on the couch in the living room- staring at the remote control with interest. Maybe it has now replaced the box...


Yes, I was very careful to put an s in there. Because I own two rabbits. One is a beautiful brown color (a female named Honeycomb), and the other is a brown and white mash up of patches (a really strange and hyper male rabbit named Artemaus- (although everyone calls him Artie) and no the name isn't spelled wrong. His name originally was to be Artemis, but after finding that the name belonged to the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, I changed it.). Any one who's wondering- Honey comb is 6 months older than Artie and is fixed, Artie is a small, hyperactive rabbit who still needs to be fixed but until such a time is not allowed near Honeycomb because I don't want to need to fear for his life.

Don't worry, I didn't try to get them high or anything!!

Nope, just gave them new bedding. I think I made their day though.

Honeycomb started pushing and pulling bedding around and even did a few happy hops around her cage!

Artie just hopped. He didn't get much bedding- he never does- because he ends up throwing it all out of the cage while he celebrates having it... and it's really annoying to clean up.

I can still hear them through the house, jumping and running.

It's been a fun night over all!

But now I need to go rescue the T.V. remote from certain doom... cat must think it's a mouse... hmm...


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She is a retriver and german shepherd mix.

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The species of my dog on the draw is german shepherd and retriver mix.
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